Psychology is the study of people, behaviour and the mind. It has recently been reclassified as a science subject, and this is reflected in the A level curriculum. It is a broad subject, with many different areas and a number of different approaches towards explaining behaviour.

Psychology is a challenging subject, requiring commitment and hard work. Ultimately though, the hard work is rewarded with a deeper understanding of people and society, and perhaps even yourself!

Transition into Key Stage 5

In order to progress on to the Psychology ‘A Level’ course students will need to achieve a Grade 6 in English and a Grade 5 in either Maths or Science.

After the first two induction weeks all students will sit an entry exam to ascertain whether they are suitable for the course.

Students will be provided with transition work to complete over the summer in order to fully prepare for the course (also accessible through the website)

Psychology at Key Stage 5

Study Psychology at Thomas More Catholic School and you will develop a deep and fulfilled knowledge of human behaviour. You will be able to evaluate and compare different aspects of psychology through an understanding of the different approaches that describe analyse why people act the way they do.

A Level Psychology is a linear subject, assessed at the end of two years of study. The AQA examination board uses three examinations to assess you. Each of these exams comprises a number of short questions, essay questions and scenarios to which you are required to apply your knowledge.

  • Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology (Social Influence, Memory, Attachment, and Psychopathology) – 33.3%
  • Paper 2: Psychology in Context (Approaches in Psychology, Research Methods and Biopsychology). – 33.3%
  • Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology - Section A is a compulsory section on Issues and Debates in Psychology. The following Sections are optional areas of study chosen by the establishment - Section B (Gender), Section C (Schizophrenia) and Section D (Forensic Science). – 33.3%

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

  • AQA Psychology for A-Level Year 1 & AS - Student Book - ISBN: 978-1908682406

Department Members

  • Mr D Pitt (Assistant Head Teacher)