British Values

We are very proud of the fact that British Values have always been - and will continue to be - at the heart of Thomas More Catholic School. Our Catholic Ethos bears testimony to the fact that the Gospel Values we adhere too are already borne out in the life of the school.

These values include:Dsc 0251

  • Democracy
  • Respect of the rule of law
  • Appreciation of the rights of other citizens
  • Individual liberty
  • The promotion of opportunities for all
  • Support for those who cannot, by themselves, sustain a dignified life-style
  • Religious tolerance and respect for cultural diversity
  • Treating others with fairness
  • Participation in community life
  • The contribution to, as well as the benefit from, cultural and economic resources

There are many areas in which these values are expounded and embedded here at Thomas More Catholic School through:

  • Citizenship DaysTMCS Infographic
  • Our Curriculum
  • Mentoring and Inclusion Units
  • Our House System
  • The Tutor Groups  
  • The SEN Department
  • Our Year and House Assemblies
  • Our links to Primaries
  • Our links with other Institutions – both Academic and Business
  • Our Enrichment Programme
  • Our RE Curriculum  - which explores other faiths
  • Our ability to Create Community  
  • The Student Voice Council
  • Our Pastoral Care systems
  • Our Catholic Ethos – Inclusive and not Exclusive

The Pastoral Care we provide is backed up by a rigorous academic vigor which helps to motivate and challenge all our students to ensure that British Values have a real impact here at Thomas More Catholic School.