Welcome to our Edexcel A Level Chemistry course! This comprehensive program is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in chemistry and prepare them for further studies or careers in science-related fields. Throughout the course, students will explore a wide range of topics, from atomic structure and chemical bonding to organic chemistry. Our dedicated team of teachers, will guide students through lesson, hands-on experiments, and practical applications, fostering a deep understanding of the subject.

Entry Requirements:

6+ in English Language and 6+ in Maths

Either 6-6 in Combined Science or 6 in Biology


Three papers:

Paper 1: Advanced Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (9CH0/01) 30%, 1 hour 45 minutes, 90 marks

Paper 2: Advanced Organic and Physical Chemistry (9CH0/02) 30%. 1 hour 45 minutes, 90 marks

Paper 3: General and Practical Principles in Chemistry (9CH0/03) 2 hours 30 minutes, 120 marks

Pearson, Specification: 2017.

Practical skills are assessed and will be reported separately to the final grade. There are around sixteen core practicals that mist be completed and fully written up.

Career Prospects:

Studying chemistry opens up a wide range of promising career prospects across various industries. Students can pursue careers in research and development, working in pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology firms. They can also venture into chemical engineering or find opportunities in environmental science and sustainability, helping to address critical issues like pollution control and renewable energy development. The field of forensic science is also an possibility, as they analyse evidence and contribute to solving crimes.

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

  • Physics and Maths Tutor
  • Doc Brown Chemistry
  • Course Recommend Books

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