Head of Year Contacts

Listed below are the contact details for all Heads of Year

Heads of Year are available for you to contact regarding all matters of school business.

You may wish to contact your Head of Year regarding matters of 'Tracking', 'Extra-Curricular opportunities', 'Issues in class' or 'updates on progress in lesson'. Your Head of Year can also pass direct messages on to specific departments or liaise with your child's Tutor.   

Matters of Attendance should go through the attendance office via email at or phone on 020 8668 6251 ext 213.

Year 7

Miss Ogbonnaya & Miss Adams

E-mail -


Year 8

Miss Ogbonnaya

E-mail -

Year 9

Mrs Osei-Fosu

E-mail -

Year 10

Miss Suleman

E-mail -

Year 11

Mr Ogwuda

E-mail -

Year 13

Miss Lawrance (Initial point of contact)

E-mail -