Joining a remote lesson

The steps below show how to access remote lessons.

This page will provide you with the support you need to join your lessons on Teams.

  • Lessons will carry on as normal according to your normal timetable.
  • Lessons will only be for 30 Minutes.
  • The work from the lesson, worksheets and extension work will be available via Sims InTouch.
  • Teachers will ask you to turn off cameras and mute microphones.
  • Lessons will be recorded for safeguarding reasons.

Joining a Lessons via Teams


  1. Log into Office 365 -
    Username -
    Password - Same as school password

  2. Open the Teams App, then click on the Calendar icon

  3. Find your lesson, then click ‘Join’.

  4. Ensure that your camera and microphone are muted when entering the classroom.