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The Pupil Premium Strategy

Thomas More Catholic School 2018-19 The attainment gap between pupils from deprived backgrounds and their more affluent peers is well documented through all stages of education. In fact, after prior attainment, deprivation is the single most important factor in predicting a child’s future life chances. Even the highest early achievers from deprived backgrounds are overtaken by lower achieving children from advantaged backgrounds by the end of Key Stage 1 (KS1) and the likelihood of a pupil eligible for FSM achieving the expected levels of progress are one third those of a non-FSM pupil.

The gap continues to widen through Secondary Education and persists into Higher Education. The odds of a FSM pupil achieving five or more GCSEs at 9-4 including English and Mathematics are less than one third those of a non-FSM pupil. A pupil from a non-deprived background is more than twice as likely to go on to study at university as their deprived peers. The Government, therefore, believes that making additional funds available to schools will give deprived students a better chance of success.

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