Sixth Form Curriculum

Welcome to post 16 learning at TMCS. Our Sixth form is a vibrant, close-knit, and happy community of students who study a range of subjects and courses from GCSE, A levels, and Btec qualifications. We have a 'believe and achieve' ethos and offer excellent pastoral support, with Catholicity at the heart of all that we do. Students have daily Tutor time sessions and study relevant topics such as mental health issues, current affairs, study skills, and managing finances. Students also receive sessions on UCAS applications, careers and employability guidance as well as various workshops, school visits, and rewards trips.

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Progress reports

You and your parent/carer will receive a progress report 5 times throughout the academic year. The progress report will track your progress in each of your subjects and state your target minimum grade (the minimum grade a student with your GCSE profile should get in their A-levels). It will also include your current attainment grades and a number of attitudinal indicators focusing on aspects of your approach to your studies.

Course changes

If you wish to change any of the courses that you have chosen before Year 12 starts you will need to contact Ms Yost, Head of Sixth Form. Once Year 12 has started you can only transfer courses by meeting with Ms Yost and these changes will only be authorised with the agreement of relevant the Heads of Department.

Work and academic progress

If you appear not to be making the levels of progress that you are capable of in terms of quality of work and/or you exhibit poor behaviour and attitude in lessons and/or you are not meeting deadlines, your subject teacher will implement an intervention according to the Sixth Form academic intervention procedure.

Academic interventions take the form of an agreement of targets for action and the provision of additional support. The minimum standards for Sixth Form students’ work and the Sixth Form academic intervention procedure is set out below.