Biology is offered as a two year full A-level option only following the AQA specification.

Biology is the science of living organisms.  This course will take you from the molecules that are used to construct living cells, to organs like the eye and brain, organ systems such as the digestive and nervous systems, to large complex organisms and how they compete to survive and evolve in complex ecosystems.
Biology fits well with Chemistry but it is also a very good support for other subjects such as Geography, Psychology and Sports Sciences.  It also adds breath to your studies if you are studying arts subjects such as English or History.

Student profile

Students who study Biology will have an enthusiasm for the subject and an interest in its applications, good mathematical skills, the ability to manipulate practical equipment safely and precisely, and a strong willingness to learn and motivate yourself to research.


Three exam papers taken in Summer 2024, there is no coursework element.

  • Paper 1: 2 hours, 91 marks. All topics covered in Year 12. 35% of A-level
  • Paper 2: 2 hours, 91 marks.  All topics covered in Year 13.  35% of A-level
  • Paper 3: 2 hours, 78 marks.  All topics covered in Year 12 and 13.  30% of A-level.

Practical skills are assessed and will be reported separately to the final grade.  There are around sixteen core practicals that must be completed and fully written up

Entry Requirements

  • 6+ in English Language and 5+ in Maths
  • and either 6-6 in Combined Science or 6 in Biology.

Career Prospects

The skills you will develop will prepare you for a wide range of courses and occupations including the following: biochemistry, biology, veterinary science, marine biology, medicine, environmental health, nursing, health studies, dentistry, chiropody, radiography, speech therapy, physiotherapy, forensic science and pharmacy.

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