The Biology AQA A Level course is both rich and varied and from the outset students are plunged deep into challenging concepts. Students have online access to a comprehensive text book, as well as having access to a well-stocked departmental library comprising both text books and current journals, as well as the necessary guidance to access current material online. There is an opportunity for a field trip to be undertaken, which guides students through the ecology unit and helps them to understand the practical aspects of their work.

Entry Requirements:

6+ in English Language and 6+ in Maths

Either 6-6 in Combined Science or 6 in Biology


Three papers:

Paper 1: 2 hours, 91 marks. All topics covered in Year 12. 35% of A-level

Paper 2: 2 hours, 91 marks.  All topics covered in Year 13.  35% of A-level

Paper 3: 2 hours, 78 marks.  All topics covered in Year 12 and 13.  30% of A-level.

Practical skills are assessed and will be reported separately to the final grade. There are around sixteen core practicals that mist be completed and fully written up.

Career Prospects:

The skills you will develop will prepare you for a wide range of courses and occupations including the following: biochemistry, biology, veterinary science, marine biology, medicine, environmental health, nursing, health studies, dentistry, chiropody, radiography, speech therapy, physiotherapy, forensic science and pharmacy.

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