“I love Drama because it lets you show your inner you!” – Year 7 Pupil Quote

“There is an activity/scheme of work for all personalities” – Year 8 Pupil Quote

The Curriculum

Key Stage 3 - Course overview

Teaching and learning in drama, theatre studies and live performance. Pupils will gain the ability to form opinions about their own work and the work of other’s; develop self confidence in performing, presentation and evaluating.

The Drama Department at Thomas More Catholic School is very passionate about developing our students in to well-rounded individuals; allowing them to use the skills and knowledge they will acquire in their everyday lives.

Drama is an opportunity for students to develop the following long-term goals: communication skills, self-discipline, teamwork, leadership and creativity. These goals will be taught through subjects such as: acting, storytelling, improvisation and interpretation of poetry. Through hands on activities, students will learn about all aspects of drama and the world around them. All units are taught from the perspective that drama is a gift from God and that we should develop and use our gifts for His glory.

Key Stage 4 - Course overview

Students will complete three units of work and will develop their knowledge and understanding of making a production, watching and evaluating live performance to create their own piece of drama, performing an original text, enhancing their performance skills through a variety of workshop activities, studying practitioners to develop their knowledge of performance and evaluating their peers and own work.

Extra-Curricular Programme

  • School Production in partnership with the School Band
  • Weekly rehearsals for the show in March
  • Weekly - Band Practice
  • Thursday (lunch time 1-1.45) – Drama Club: Developing acting skills through workshops/games/activities.  

Department Member

  • Miss Gayle – (Head of Department, Head of Year 10)