Catholic Ethos

Thomas More Catholic School is centred on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ; He is our role model and all that we do is rooted in the Gospel values of love, forgiveness, compassion, friendship and challenge to live life to the full.

Thomas More Catholic School seeks to provide an excellent education for all its students within a Catholic / Christian context where each person is valued, respected, loved and enabled to achieve success.

Thomas More Catholic School is an inclusive community which values the contribution that all students and colleagues offer. We welcome students who practise other Christian traditions and students from other faiths.

Thomas More Catholic School operates within the larger context of the Catholic Church and is part of its mission to provide an excellent quality of teaching and learning.  We seek to ensure that teaching and learning is of the highest quality; rigorous, challenging, differentiated and engaging. We aim to equip each student with the skills to be able to participate fully in 21st Century life.

Thomas More Catholic School aims for educational excellence in all areas of the curriculum; it seeks to monitor the progress and development of each student rigorously and regularly. We provide excellent Pastoral care to support each student’s learning. Students experience an active programme of guidance and counselling from Year 7 through to Year 13 so that they can make informed choices about their lives.

Thomas More Catholic School seeks to ensure that all students enjoy consistently good and outstanding teaching and learning within a framework of whole school policies which stem from our Mission statement and our distinctive Catholic ethos.

Thomas More Catholic School is a community which aims to be well ordered, calm and respectful of all. We are committed to working in partnership with parents and carers. We foster an atmosphere of mutual respect and encourage all students to take responsibility for behaviour so that the best possible witness is given to the wider community. The emphasis is on positive behaviour, based on respect for self and others. We work hard at ‘right relationships’ and strive to ensure that we look beyond ourselves to supporting and showing stewardship to the world at large.

Thomas More Catholic School will set high expectations of learning and behaviour both inside and outside of the school. We will encourage all students to take responsibility for behaviour and apply consequences for those who fall short of their best.

Thomas More Catholic School sees education as a journey and a process. We want our students to be proud of themselves, their successes, their school and their community. We aim to develop students academically, spiritually, socially, morally and physically as part of our mission to ensure a holistic and well-rounded education.