Religious Studies

The Religious Studies department offers an interesting and varied curriculum designed to engage the pupils and encourage deeper thinking. Pupils are introduced to philosophy through P4C lessons which helps them to develop their critical thinking and listening skills. ‘Breathe’ week has become an annual event – an opportunity for all students to experience a creative way of praying.

Religious Studies at Key Stage 3

Skills learned at Key Stage 3 are designed to raise achievement at Key stage 4 and 5. Students follow an engaging curriculum that introduces them to Christianity, Hinduism and Judaism. Students develop their essay writing skills in preparation for KS4. 

Our current KS3 curriculum includes topics on:

  • Year 7 - Who is God, Catholic Signs of Identity, Hinduism and Judaism
  • Year 8 - Covenant People, Reconciliation, Islam and Catholic Social Teaching

Religious Studies at Key Stage 4

Religious Education is a highly regarded academic subject which demonstrates valuable skills of analysis, evaluation, empathy and a real understanding of a wide range of people.  It teaches knowledge and skills relevant to most careers, especially those working with people in caring professions and the service industry.

All students in years 9 to 11 follow the AQA specification B full GCSE syllabus. Two modules are studied; both are examined at the end of year 11.

AQA Religious studies

  • Paper 1 – Roman Catholic Christianity – covering topics such as: What is God like?What is the Church? What happens at the end of life on earth? – 50%
  • Paper 2 – Roman Catholic perspectives on family life, human rights and social justice. Judaism – beliefs and practices. – 50%


  • The course is assessed entirely by exams
  • Each of the exams lasts 1 hour 45 minutes

Department Members

  • Mrs Bull (Head of RE and History Teacher)
  • Mrs Osei-Fosi (Head of Year 10)
  • Mr Tomsky
  • Miss Hudson