Welcome to Thomas More Catholic School

Welcome to the website & community of Thomas More Catholic School. Our school is a thriving secondary school & Sixth Form full of committed staff & fantastic young people. We are an all-inclusive Catholic school serving the community of Croydon and the surrounding area. We offer high aspirations, good exam results and a brilliant extracurricular programme, we add a unique ethos based on knowing who we are & where we are going, strong relationships & emotional & spiritual health.
- N. Walters
  • 25/10/2020 🎥 It's the last week to enter the ! 📰 This is an excellent opportunity for young people age 11-18 who wants to report on a story or issue which is important to their life or the world around them! Read more Read more
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  • 25/10/2020 Let us pray to the Lord for Nigeria, so that every form of violence might always be avoided, in the constant search of social harmony through the promotion of justice and the common good.
  • 25/10/2020 If your family usually receives free school meals and you’re struggling during half term, you can apply to our schools team for supermarket vouchers. Contact
  • 24/10/2020 Marcus Rashford and his mother volunteer at Manchester food bank – video Read more