The Visual Arts department endeavours to equip students with ability to question, analyse and experiment, as well as enabling them to achieve the ability to develop creative thinking skills, confidence in challenging their own perception of Art and Design in a wider social content. The department endeavours to provide each student with individual pathways in order develop personal inquiries and challenges.

Art at Key Stage 3 Year 7

In the Autumn term students are introduced to different ways of mark making as well as the key fundamentals of Visual Arts this includes- shade, tone, composition, ration, perspective to name a few.

As we progress through the year students are able to develop these skills in two further projects. We look at the  “Surrealism” and "The History of Art"

Many students arrive in year 7 with a very mixed ability. We support and encourage self-esteem and confidence within the lesson.  Many students like the subject but are weak in several skills. We encourage and empower our year 7’s to embrace the new skills we give them and practise as much as possible at home to hone their new skills. ​

Art at Key Stage 3 Year 8

Year 8 is an exciting year as we focus on developing our designing and building skills in a project that explores urban environments and architecture. Looking at social issues that surround the topic as well as discussing how we are the creators of our environment. 

Later on in the year we concentrate on drawing and painting and explore the theme of 'Identity' through the work of a number of international artists. We like to change the artists slightly so each year group has an individual focus and so that the artists reflect the cultural identities of each different cohort. 

Art at Key Stage 3 Year 9

In year 9 we begin to prepare students for the GCSE course. Working with themes taken from previous exam papers; students learn the importance of research, development, refinement and analysis of their creations. 

Topics covered aim to encourage critical thinking and confidence in student’s innate creativity. Within each project, we have developed special 'key skills workshops', in which we ensure students are equipped with the correct skills and language to enjoy progress throughout the GCSE. By this point students have already chosen their option for Visual Arts and we ensure that we develop their curiosity and passion for the subject. 

Art at Key Stage 4 Year 10 and 11

A very exciting time as students begin to explore their own personal responses to different themes, artists and movements. Students explore and research different topics that allow them to focus on themes and others’ work (Artists, Crafts people and Designers).

The projects allow students to research, refine, modify and review their work regularly to ensure that their best work is produced.

Students receive regular feedback on their work and how to improve, we offer catch up clinics and after school sessions for students to spend time on their work outside of classroom conditions.

  • The GCSE Exam is done with AQA
    • A portfolio of work created over year 10 and 11 is worth (60%)
    • An externally set exam project that begins in January of year 11 makes up the remaining (40%) of the final mark.

Department Members

  • Miss A Garcia-Brooks (Head of department)
  • Miss A Schutz