At Thomas More Catholic School, we introduce pupils to learning both French and Spanish in year 7. French and Spanish are compulsory until Year 8, when many pupils choose to continue French and or Spanish to GCSE or A Level. French and Spanish form part of the new ‘Baccalaureate’ qualification and they are very popular.

French and Spanish at Key Stage 3

We are a well-equipped department with brand new online textbooks called Dynamo and Viva. Additionally, we have homework that matches each lesson in class. We teach with a focus on conversation with strong grammar teaching. In each lesson, we practise the four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.

With our Assessment for Learning policy, we regularly assess how students are progressing, with simple vocabulary tests, either by isolating one skill or by working on all of them for half-term assessments. All pupils have a target for the year, which they are encouraged to exceed. We cater well for all pupils and provide differentiated work for different abilities.

French and Spanish at Key Stage 4

At the end of Year 8 when students choose their options, we are pleased that French and Spanish are popular choices. We have both Foundation and Higher materials to ensure pupils achieve their best at their own level.

Edexcel French and Spanish GCSE's

  • Paper 1: Listening – (25%)
  • Paper 2: Speaking Non-exam assessment (25%)
  • Paper 3: Reading – (25%)
  • Paper 4: Writing – (25%)

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

Extra-curricular activities

The British Council has awarded the MFL department with the much-coveted International School Award. This recognises excellence in providing education for Global Citizens.

In addition, we have won a bid for 2 Erasmus projects and we have been awarded £60,000 to pay for two projects on Soft Skill and Art. Students have the opportunity to visit EU countries for week long trips such as Finland, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Denmark for around £120.

Department Members

  • Ms Tucay (Head of department)
  • Mrs Dako (Subject Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher)
  • Mrs Karaoba (French Teacher)
  • Miss Bishop (Spanish Teacher)