English Literature and Language

Studying English Literature allows candidates to experience a range of literature with a wide variety of appeal drawn from contemporary and modern texts. These texts can originate from across the globe and have had a significant influence on our English literary and cultural heritage.

English Literature and Language at Key Stage 3

Through studying the plays of Shakespeare to the novels of Orwell, students will become adept at analysing and interpreting literature in a variety of formats.  Students will be required to inquire and think critically, which is excellent for developing problem solving, listening, reading and writing skills.

Our current KS3 curriculum includes topics on:

  • Year 7 – Refugee Boy, Creative Writing, Language Skills
  • Year 8 – Noughts and Crosses, Blood Brothers, Non-Fiction texts

English Literature and Language at Key Stage 4

English Literature

  • Literature Paper 1: Macbeth and an Inspector Calls;
  • Literature Paper 2: A Christmas Carol and Poetry.

English Language

  • Language Paper 1: Fiction;
  • Language Paper 2: Non-Fiction.

Each paper is worth 50% of either a Language or Literature grade. The new specification has no coursework component – it is 100% exam.

Key skills covered

  • Reading comprehension
  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • Group communication tasks
  • Drama and role play
  • Writing for different purposes
  • Grammar drills and tests
  • Linguistic analysis
  • Timed essay writing
  • Exploration of historical, social and political issues across time.

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

  • A Shakespeare play (Macbeth)
  • 19th century novel (A Christmas Carol)
  • A modern text (An Inspector Calls)
  • Poetry Anthology (Relationships Collection).

Department Members

  • Miss M Rahman (Head of Department)
  • Mr N Walters (Headteacher)
  • Ms L Yost (Assistant Headteacher)
  • Mr J Govinden (Head of Sociology)
  • Miss G Wickings
  • Miss A Suleman
  • Ms S Steward
  • Miss H Bennett