A guide to A Level Mathematics 2017 – 2019

Important information for students and parents/guardians

A Level Maths at Thomas More

Entry requirement     Grade 6

The mathematics department at Thomas More has high expectations of all its A-Level students. They will receive expert tuition in their preparation for their exams and they will be encouraged to develop into the independent learners they will need to be in order to be successful at University.

The Course

The Mathematics course offered at Thomas More is designed to support students who are following a wide variety of educational and career paths. The major part of the course is the study of pure or ‘core’ mathematics. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to study some branches of applied mathematics.

Students will study (S1 & M1) in their first year, is ideal for anyone who is considering further study in the physical or engineering based sciences.

In the A2 year students will study (S2 & M2). This will support those who have an interest in science, medicine, economics, finance or the social sciences.

This option of studying both of the major branches of applied maths will give students maximum choice as they proceed beyond A-Levels into higher education or work. Where possible the course will endeavour to explore the work related applications of the mathematics studied within these modules.

All students will complete the following course with examinations by EDEXCEL as indicated.

The assessment

Assessment structure

  • The new Edexcel GCE Mathematics qualifications will be assessed through separate pure and applied papers
  • Simple 2:1 ratio of pure to applied in A level Mathematics
  • 50% optional content in further mathematics
  • Further mathematics designed to aid parallel delivery with mathematics
  • No non-calculator assessment

A level Mathematics Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1


2 hours

100 marks
Any pure content can be assessed on either paper

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2


2 hours

100 marks

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics


2 hours

100 marks

Section A: Statistics (50 marks)

Section B: Mechanics (50 marks)

1: Pure Mathematics 1

 (*Paper code: 9MA0/01)

Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2

 (*Paper code: 9MA0/02)

Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics

(Paper code: 9MA0/03)

Content overview

Proof, Algebra and functions, Coordinate geometry in the (x, y) plane, Sequences and series, Trigonometry, Exponentials and logarithms, Differentiation, Integration, Numerical methods, Vectors

Content overview

Section A: Statistics

Statistical sampling, Data presentation and interpretation, Probability, Statistical distributions, Statistical hypothesis testing

Section B: Mechanics

Quantities and units in mechanics, Kinematics, Forces and Newton’s laws

Expectations of Students

  • Textbooks

Students will need to purchase their textbooks for each year of the course in advance. This can be done directly at the link below:

Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics Pure Mathematics Year 1/AS Textbook + e-book (A level Maths and Further Maths 2017)

Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics Statistics & Mechanics Year 1/AS Textbook + e-book (A level Maths and Further Maths 2017)

Students must have their textbooks for the course for September 1st or they will not be able to attend lessons.

Expectations of Students

  • Written work

Students will complete all their written tasks on A4 Books which they will be provided from school. All notes and workings must be kept in the same A4 books which must be brought to every lesson. Additionally, students will also need to bring a scientific calculator as used at GCSE. There is no requirement for them to have a graphical or other more advanced calculator.

If a student arrives without the correct equipment (calculator, textbook, folder) they will be refused entry to the lesson. This will count as an unauthorised absence.

  • Punctuality Students must be punctual to all lessons – if they arrive 10 minutes after the start of a lesson they will be refused entry unless they have a note from a parent/guardian. This will count as an unauthorised absence.
  • Independent Study. In order to be successful at A-Level students will need to engage in regular independent study. For every hour they spend in lessons at school they should expect to be doing the same amount at home in addition to any work that is set.
  • Homework. Homework will be set regularly and is not an ‘optional extra’. Failure to complete homework will be recorded and will influence a student’s final UCAS reference. If homework is not completed on a regular basis, following an official warning, a student may be asked to leave the course. If a student is unable to complete their homework they must make contact with their teacher in advance of the lesson and where appropriate should provide a note from their parent or guardian.
  • Support: The A-Level maths programme is demanding and in order to support our students a weekly after school support workshop will be provided. Students may come to this to seek extra help from their teachers and if their progress is of concern their attendance to this extra session may become compulsory. Additionally, a wealth of support resources is available on the school network and from the school library.
  • Revision classes: The Maths department runs after school revision programmes before the exams. It will be compulsory for everyone to attend these classes to help boost their results.

We will do everything we can to support our students as they develop into adult learners. However, if students are unwilling or unable to conform to the expectations of the department then we may be left with no option but to ask them to leave the course. If a student’s attendance drops below 90% for any half term period they will receive an official and final warning. Repeated poor attendance or lack of homework will lead to a pupil being asked to leave the course.


The following teachers will be teaching year 12 and 13 this year.


MR BEECH -    


MR KIABI -       


Students will be tested approximately twice every half term. They will be given advance notice of all tests and are expected to prepare accordingly – seeking extra help outside of lessons if needed.

Test results will be reported on a half-termly basis to parents via email (please note parents will need to supply their email address in order to receive this level of reporting).

The first assessment will take place in the 2nd week of September 2014.  This will be an assessment based on the A and A* material of GCSE which will be essential to succeed at A-Level.

If you require clarification on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact

Mrs Yaqub

Head of Mathematics