Psychology is offered as a two year full A-level option only following the AQA specification.

Psychology is a very popular subject with a wide variety of topics studied. The importance of understanding human behaviour and mental processing is now recognised by a variety of occupations and fields in society.  The subject is recognised as a full Science and so large parts of the course are biologically based with an emphasis on using the scientific method to study human behaviour
Psychology fits well with Biology but it is also a very good support for other subjects such as Sociology and History.

Student Profile
Students who study Psychology will have an interest in people and an understanding of human behaviour.  The will also have the ability to work with scientific concepts and basic statistics, the patience not to jump to  conclusions without sufficient  evidence and the ability to work independently  and be self-motivated.

Three exam papers taken in Summer 2018, there is no coursework element.
Paper 1: 2 hours, 96 marks.  All topics covered in Year 12.
Paper 2: 2 hours, 96 marks.  All topics covered in Year 13.
Paper 3: 2 hours, 96 marks.  Optional modules selected from relationships, gender, cognition, schizophrenia, eating behaviour, stress, aggression, forensic psychology and addiction.

Entry Requirements
6+ in English Language and 5+ in Maths
and either 6-6 in Combined Science or 6 in Biology.

Career Prospects
The skills you will develop will prepare you for a wide range of courses and occupations including the following: Clinical Psychology, Criminal and Forensic Psychology, Educational Psychology, Occupational Psychology, Sports Psychology, Teaching and Lecturing, Psychiatry, Counselling, Health Psychology and Child Psychology.

Department Members

  • Dr Brushwood - Curriculum Leader Science (
  • Mr Fullbrook - Science teacher
  • Mr Patel - Science teacher
  • Mrs Spencer-Bowdage - Science teacher
  • Ms Bryant - Science teacher
  • Mrs Baptiste-Buckley - Science teacher