Thomas More - Free Food Bank

Posted on: 10/07/2020

Thomas More has been through an extraordinary time and our Families have been through many difficulties during this Lockdown. As a community, we at Thomas More want to support our families as much as we can and have organised a food bank day to assist our families throughout the summer holiday.

We have organised food parcels throughout Lockdown for some of our families and staff have been contributing supplies in order to support them. After assessing the need of our families we realised more of our families needed help so we decided to ask staff and the wider community to donate cupboard fillers and home staples in order for food vouchers to be spent on fresh produce and maximise the vouchers worth.

We further extended this to families who may have been furloughed or experienced hardship and have invited all families of Thomas More Catholic School who require support. We have had an overwhelming response from the Thomas More community, with our Main Hall resembling a supermarket!

We have organised the food bank day for Wednesday 15th July from 9.45am to 3pm and all are welcome.

We hope many of our families can access this resource and we will welcome you on the day.

If you haven' done so already please register with your childs name to


Written by Mrs. M Larner