Support Staff

Ms M Larner Attendance, Welfare & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss C Adams Attendance Officer Admin Assistant
Mrs C West-Symes Admissions / Int'l Co-ordinator/ 1st Aider
Mrs D Caiger Head's PA
Mrs J Jones Office Manager/Receptionist
Mrs S Hawes Display Co-ordinator / 1st Aid
Mrs S Brown Exams Officer
Mrs C Pereira Administrator 6th Form Exams Officer / 1st Aid
Ms K Gibbs Director of Finance & HR
Miss H Jupp Senior Finance & HR Assistant / 1st Aid
Mrs N Spencer Finance & HR Assistant / 1st Aid
Mrs D McClure SEN Administrator
Mrs C Salmon Medical Administrator
Mrs F Byers Librarian
Miss M Patton Marketing
Mrs L Sumners Catering Manager
Ms M Amadi Deputy Catering Manager
Mrs P Case Catering Assistant
Mrs C Addison Awuah Catering Assistant
Mrs E Mbela Catering Assistant
Mrs C Onwochei Catering Assistant
Mrs N Sugunan Catering Assistant
Miss A Collins Catering Assistant
Mr S Appiah Cleaner
Mr S Gyamfi Cleaner
Mr R Simmons Cleaner/ 1st Aider for Premises
Mr S Ansah Cleaner
Ms D Dimitrova Cleaner
Mr S Gyamfi Cleaner
Miss L Holmes Cleaner
Mr L Kedi Cleaner
Miss M McLaughlin Cleaner
Miss K Orlinova Cleaner
Miss T Merzliniska Cleaner
Mrs L Bostock  Cover Supervisor
Miss J Bernasko Cover Supervisor
Mrs T Cheeseman Cover Supervisor
Miss T Soper Swimming Instructor
Mr R Caunt Premises - Site Manager
Mr J Smith Premises - Assist. Site Manager
Mr S Gent Premises - Assistant
Mr C Dunne Janitor
Mr D Pitt TMi Pupil Support - Manager
Mr R Rose-McGuire TMi Pupil Support - Mentor / 1st Aid
Mrs J DeVivo TMi Pupil Support - Mentor
Mrs A Michael TMI Pupil Support - Mentor
Miss R Tejera Head of SENDCO & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs J Williamson SENCO Designate
Mrs P Kavanagh SEN Assistant/ Teaching Assistant
Mrs V Barrett Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Kavanagh Teaching Assistant
Miss D Kirven Teaching Assistant / 1st Aid
Mrs D Pereira Teaching Assistant (ELSA)
Mrs N Lunghi Teaching Assistant (Literacy)
Mrs C Bridges Teaching Assistant
Ms Z Devincenzi Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Murray Teaching Assistant
Mrs R O'Shea Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Pereira Teaching Assistant
Mr B Knott Director of Digital Services
Mr K Dawson IT Admin
Mr I Yaqub IT Admin
Mrs M Rodrigues