Post 16 Exam Results 2021

A Level and L3 BTEC Results Summer 2021

Headline Figures – A Level and BTEC Equivalence

There were 53 students in this exam cohort.

98.7% of all grades E+ / D* - P BTEC             

73.8% of all grades C+ / D*-M BTEC

19.5 % of all grades A* - A and D* - D BTEC

Summary of results: The exam hall was again a happy place this morning as results were given out. Following two years of disrupted learning due to the pandemic students were picking up grades that had been decided by teacher assessment. Both students and teachers worked incredibly hard for those key weeks running from April to June and there was some of the normal nervousness in the air as students filed in to collect results as they knew their grades depended on the assessments that they had sat. In scenes that were wonderful to see, the vast majority of students had cause to celebrate both the grades and their onward progression to universities and to courses of their choice. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on their achievements and in so many cases, on fulfilling their potential. Indeed, we would like to congratulate and thank all members of our community in recognition of all the hard work and collaboration that has gone into helping students take the next step in their education. It is our greatest pleasure and delight that so many of our students have achieved their dreams and ambitions in achieving their university places.

Students - In a sixth form of only 53 students the stand out performers were:

Student and Grades

Onward Destination

Netra Patel    A* A* A*

London School of Economics

Uddhav Venkatesh    A* A* A

University College London

Maharishie Sasitharan    A* BB


Destiny Ikechukwu    ABB

University of Warwick

Maria Pruteanu    ABB


Mihir Patel    ABB

Brunel University London

Kavisan Ganeshalingam    BBB

University of Surrey

Snehas Sudeesh    BBB

University of Manchester

Ruth Langhorne   BB and a Distinction

Gap Year

Cristina Ortega Riisager   A* BC and an A in an AS

MetFilm School

Rithik Subhash   A* BE

Queen Mary University

Arjun Pillay    B and two Distinction *s

University of Warwick

Kai Patel    B and a Distinction and a Distinction*

Newcastle University

Onward Destinations

It is a particular success to see so many of our students going on to some of the country’s most prestigious universities.

Mr. N. Walters – Headteacher  

August 2021