GCSE Exam Results 2021

There may never be a two-year GCSE programme like the last two years with interruptions and school closures in both years. Despite this our Year 11 students have performed brilliantly in their GCSEs and it was a real pleasure to be in the Main Hall on results day to witness their joy and delight.  Once again, Thomas More students have showed resilience and determination to overcome the challenges of lockdown and online learning and I would like to pay tribute to all of our staff who supported the students throughout the last five years, to the parents who have shared the anxiety and pressure whilst trying to remain calm but especially to the students whose fabulous talents and sheer hard work has enabled them to be awarded the grades they deserved. 

The progress made across the year group has been excellent and there were many outstanding results both in terms of high attainment, but there was also significant progress made by all ability ranges.  

It will be a delight to welcome many of our students into Thomas More’s Sixth Form at the start of the new academic year and see them start the next stage of their academic journey. 

A special mention must go to:

  • Angel Ofori-Amanfo – 8x9s; 3x8s.
  • Shreeya Budhbhatti – 7x9s; 1x8 and 2x6
  • Raman Jayakumar – 6x9s; 4x8s, 1x7
  • Emily Koomson – 5x9s; 2x8s; 4x7s and 1x6.
  • Sahana Ravishankar – 3x9s; 4x8s; 3x7s and 1x6.
  • Nardos Samuel – 2x9s; 5x8s; 1x7 and 2x6.
  • Agash Anantharajah – 2x9s; 5x8s; 3x7s and 1x6.
  • Sophia Ogbuehi – 4x9s; 2x8s; 1x7 and 3x6s.
  • Jessica Goodley – 3x9s; 1x8; 3x7s and 2x6s.
  • Lathusan Balakanthan – 2x9s; 1x8; 5x7s; 1x6 and 1x5.
  • Nathan McCormack – 2x9s; 1x8; 6x7 and 1x6.
  • Andrei Barta – 1x9; 3x8s; 4x7s; 1x6 and 1x5.
  • Michelle Sefa – 4x8s; 5x7s and 1x6.

Overall Results Headlines

  • % Standard pass in English and Maths – 68%
  • % Strong pass in English and Maths – 42%
  • Attainment 8 = 46.11

Of course, these are the highest performing students in terms of the highest grades but all across the ability and grade range there were triumphs big and small as students reaped the reward of hard work and commitment to study.

On behalf of all the staff and governors at Thomas More, I would like to congratulate every student and wish them all the very best for their future. 

Mr. N. Walters – Headteacher

August 2021