Post 16 Exam Results 2020

A-Level and Level 3 BTEC Results Summer 2020

Headline Figures – A Level and BTEC Equivalence

There were 45 students in this exam cohort.

  • 97% of all grades E+ / Distinction* - Pass BTEC                
  • 53% of all grades C+ / Distinction* - Merit BTEC
  • 37% of all grades B+ / Distinction* - Merit BTEC
  • 8 % of all grades A* - A and Distinction* - Distinction BTEC

The exam hall was a happy place this morning as results were given out. Against the strangest backdrop in modern educational history, students were picking upgrades that had been decided by their teachers as the most likely grades to be achieved and then passed through an algorithm to fine-tune against national patterns and prior attainment scores. There was a nervousness in the air as students filed in to collect results that had been decided out of their control since the exam series was canceled.

However, for the majority of students their hard work and commitment to their studies paid off and they had cause to celebrate both the grades and their onward progression to universities and to courses of their choice. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on their achievements and in so many cases, on fulfilling their potential. Indeed, we would like to congratulate and thank all members of our community in recognition of all the hard work and collaboration that has gone into helping students take the next step in their education. It is our greatest pleasure and delight that so many of our students have achieved their dreams and ambitions in achieving their university places.

Students - In a small sixth form of only 54 students the stand out performers were:

  • Graham Booker - A* A A
  • Marius Elgohary - A A B
  • Anthony Booker - B B B
  • Halima Matin - B B C
  • Pedro Viera de Almeida - B B C
  • Kajathiri Kamalakumar - B C C
  • Faith Ballou - B B and a Merit
  • Naira Daude - B B and a Merit


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