Sixth Form Dress Code

The Principles

Students who enter the Sixth Form at Thomas More Catholic School as young adults within the School community should understand the importance of acting as role models. They are expected to set an example for the rest of the School, whilst enjoying the privilege of expressing themselves more independently. Ultimately, students enter the Sixth Form to work and contribute to the wider school community, therefore their dress should reflect this.

Sixth Form Uniform

  • Students should wear clothes that come under the category of ‘smart business attire’.
  • Dark suit (grey, black or dark blue)
  • Boys must wear a shirt and tie, the shirt should have a collar and the tie should be clearly visible at all times. Shirts should always be tucked in, and top buttons always done up.
  • Girls must wear a blouse or a smart top with no mid rift exposure and a reasonable neckline.
  • Trousers should be appropriate for a place of work and not be denim or combats. They should full length and not a ‘skinny’ style or have any studs.
  • Skirts must be knee-length and appropriate for a workplace and not be denim.
  • Footwear should be polished formal black or brown shoes. Trainers/sports shoes are not allowed. Boots are not allowed or shoes with studs and steel tips. Dark socks/tights should be worn.
  • Jumpers and cardigans are allowed, but hooded tops of any sort are not allowed. This includes Leavers Hoodies purchased within School.
  • Clothing should not bear studs, advertising or obtrusive slogans/images/motifs –no logo or image should be larger than fist-sized.
  • Overcoats should be plain and dark in colour.

Additional Rules

  • Hair must be kept neat and tidy. Exaggerated and coloured hairstyles are not permitted. The School procedure is that any student in breach will be sanctioned and the parent informed.
  • Clothing should not bear studs, advertising or obtrusive slogans/images/motifs –no logo or image should be larger than fist-sized.
  • Sportswear is unacceptable at any time other than during games sessions.
  • Outdoor garments should not be worn inside the school building.
  • Hair, including facial hair, should be neat, natural in colour and styled in a relatively conservative manner (e.g. no less than grade 2 in length with no designs cut into the hair or hairline).

Wearing of Uniform

  • Uniform is to be worn smartly around the school. Ties are to be worn appropriately and jackets are to be worn to Chapel, assembly, lessons and formal lectures/events.
  • Casual clothes are not permitted. Any hooded top or sports garments are not permitted.
  • Wearing of inappropriate uniform/jewellery/ hairstyles may result in the student being sent home.

This list is not exhaustive and final arbitration on the dress code and rules for appearance will be carried out by the Sixth Form Team, the Head of Sixth Form and ultimately the Headteacher