Religious Education

The Religious Studies department offers Philosophy and Ethics at A-level. Students are encouraged to use higher level thinking to address topics such as ‘Does God exist?’ and ‘Do humans have souls?’ The course is designed to develop skills in critical thinking and although it is very demanding it is also very enjoyable.

Transition into Key Stage 5

To prepare for the transition from Key Stage 4 to 5 it is important to do some background reading to prepare. Also research into ancient philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle so their arguments are familiar. A grade 5 or above is desirable.

Religious Studies Key Stage 5

At A-level you will study philosophy of religion and ethics, it is 100% exam based.  By the end of the course you will have learned to write essays and construct arguments.  Lessons are discussion based about ideas and concepts, you need to be able to express your opinion.

OCR Religious Studies

  • Philosophy of religion (01) – (33.33%)
  • Religion and ethics (02) – (33.33%)
  • Developments in religious thought – (33.33%)

 Department Members

  • Mrs Bull (Head of RE and History Teacher)
  • Mrs Osei-Fosi (Head of Year 10)
  • Mr Tomsky
  • Miss Hudson