History at A Level allows students to develop their interest in and enthusiasm for history, build on their understanding of the past through a broad course of study and improve as independent learners.

Transition into Key Stage 5

History students at Key Stage 5 require the ability to think critically, have the ability to ask relevant questions, be accurate in their use and understanding of historical terms and have the ability to organise and communicate their historical knowledge and understanding in different ways.

History at Key Stage 5

The Edexcel A-Level History course offered to students studying for an A level in this subject area has 4 units that build on the skills acquired at Key stage 4.

The topics studied are part of Route F: Searching for rights and freedoms in the 20th century.

  • Paper 1 In Search of the American dream: The USA 1917-96 - (30%)
  • Paper 2 South Africa 1948-94: From Apartheid state to ‘Rainbow nation’. - (20%)
  • Paper 3 Protest, agitation and parliamentary reform in Britain 1780-1928 - (30%)

Coursework, an extended essay linked to a Historical Enquiry - (20%)

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

  • My Revision notes – Revision guides by Hodder Education.
  • Searching for Rights and Freedoms in the 20th century by Pearson.

Department Members

  • Mr Calvert (Head of department)
  • Miss Perez-Ramirez
  • Miss C Ogbonna