Geography A level at TMCS will excite students’ minds, challenge perceptions and stimulate their investigative and analytical skills. The new specification explores current issues of local, national and global importance in contexts specific to different parts of the world. A-level introduces new content and approaches to geographical processes, systems, place, scale and space. The A level course will continue to deepen their knowledge and understanding gained at GCSE level and consolidate a set of transferable skills to prepare them for higher education.

Transition into Key Stage 5

Entry Requirements: GCSE grade 6 in the following subjects; Geography, English, Maths and Sciences.

Geography at Key Stage 5

  • AQA Geography (7037)
    • Paper 1 – Physical Geography: Water and Carbon Cycles, Coastal Systems and Landscapes, Hazards - (40%)
    • Paper 2 – Human Geography: Global systems and governance, Changing Places, Contemporary Urban Environments - (40%)
    • Geographical Investigation (Independent coursework including 5 days of fieldwork) - (20%)

Additional and recommended learning tools or reading

Department Members

  • Mr M Mayanja Kakyama (Head of department)
  • Ms F Rahman