Post 16 Exam Results 2017

Thomas More Catholic School GCE and BTEC Exam Results 2017, we are delighted with some excellent overall and individual results.

  • 93% of all students achieved a pass grade or higher
  • 29% of students achieved A*- A grades
  • 37% of students achieved A*- B grades
  • 63% of students achieved A*- C grades
  • 100% of students on BTEC courses achieved pass grades or higher
  • 87% of students achieved Distinction or Merit

Well done to all student, staff and parents for the great Post 16 results this year.

Post 16 Destination of Leavers 2017  
University 35
Other 6
Further Education 4
Returned to country of origin 4
Apprenticeship 2
Employment 1
Total 52

Students who have done particularly well are:

Emily walsh 6th form 2017

Emily Walsh

A* Maths
A* Biology
A Chemistry
B Physics

Emily has accepted her place at UCL to study Medicine.
Daniella morales bermudez 6th form 2017

Daniella Morales Bermudez

A* Business
A Science
A Health and Social Care

Daniella has accepted her place at Middlesex to study Languages and Translation.
Jessica Geloshi 6th form 2017

Jessica Geloshi

A* English
A Biology
B Chemistry

Jessica has accepted her place at King’s College to study Medicine.
James Counter 6th form 2017

James Counter

A Physics
B Chemistry
B Maths

James Accepted a place at Reading to study Chemistry
Determination Story  
Anita Brown 6th form 2017 Anita Brown
A* Applied Science
A Sociology
B English Lit
B Govt & Politics
Anita repeated her Year at Thomas More after disappointing results last year. Anita has accepted her place in Sussex University to study Social Work.