Combined Cadet Force

The CCF, or Combined Cadet Force, is a part of the national youth movement in the United Kingdom and is administered by the Ministry of Defence. However, the CCF is not part of the Armed Forces and its members are not liable for service nor training in the Armed Forces.

Thomas More Catholic School has been paired with Whitgift School CCF since January 2009 and is the school's largest and most popular extracurricular activity. 

After classes finish on Tuesday we travel to Whitgift School in South Croydon by coach. Activities start at 4pm and finish around 5:30pm.

CCF Activities

During your time with the CCF's Army section you will be taught how to lead and instruct others. You will have training in some advanced military skills e.g. platoon attacks, ambush drills, map reading and first aid. There will also be the opportunity to participate in adventurous training (walking, camping, climbing, kayaking, mountain biking, amongst others). 

After completing and passing your CADRE you will be given a section of cadets to lead, and as you progress through the ranks, your level of responsibility will increase. 

Tuesday nights are the foundation to your training in the Army Section. These lessons give you the knowledge and skills required to make the training days exciting, enjoyable and a learning experience. Time lost in the classroom will be exponentially lost on the training days, and so poor attendance on parade nights may make the training days harder to participate in.


CCF organise several camps throughout the year, focusing on the practical subjects that have been taught at school on a parade night. 

These are intended to be great fun and physical, while at the same time cadets learn far more than can be taught in any classroom setting. Activities range from military skills through to obstacle courses, range/shooting days and adventurous training.

The army section train regularly with frequent training days/weekends down at St. Martins Plain (Folkestone), Crowbrough and at other local training areas. 

These days/weekends are designed to test your knowledge gained whilst at school and what you have learned during your time with the Advanced Infantry.

The annual camp takes place usually during July and is also very popular. The camp is a joint camp with about 5 other CCF contingents and the training is conducted by regular and reserve units.

The annual camp gives you the opportunity to participate in assault boats, watermanship, combat first aid, leadership tasks, artillery packages, military skills, adventurous training and more. The annual camp is the highlight of the year.

There are a number of smaller ‘specialist’ camps that take place at various times in the year. These often revolve fewer more focused activities, e.g parachuting, submarine/boat trips, and Marine training camps.

If you are interested in becoming a cadet, then please contact Mr Knott.