Modern Foreign Languages

At Thomas More Catholic School, we introduce students to learning both French and Spanish in year 7. Both languages are compulsory until the end of year 8 when many pupils choose to continue French or Spanish, or both languages to GCSE or A Level. French forms part of the new EBacc qualification and is very popular.

We are a well-equipped department with a brand new interactive whiteboard package with lessons designed to spark a love of languages. Students have support materials with their own password on and to encourage them to enjoy learning on their own as well as in school. We are also equipped with data projectors and software programmes for use in the ICT suite with headphones.

With our Assessment for Learning policy, we regularly assess how students are progressing. We use vocabulary tests, isolate one skill or work on listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation in termly assessments. All students have a target for the year, which tutors and subject teachers continually support them to achieve. We pride ourselves in helping students to exceed these grades.

We cater well for all students every lesson and provide differentiated work to support students who need extra help, for middle ability students to ensure they are stretched and for those higher ability students who are aiming for the highest grades.

We have an extensive enrichment programme; we are very lucky to be part of not one, but two Erasmus+ programmes which enable our department to offer numerous trips (week long exchanges) to a variety of European countries such as France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Finland. The European Union funds these programmes which are an amazing opportunity for our pupils to discover different countries, cultures and create long-term friendships across Europe at a highly subsidised cost; the usual parental contribution is £100 for a weeklong trip including flights, arranging the accommodation, meals and entry to museums and events.

GCSE French and Spanish

At the end of year 8 when students choose their options, we are pleased that French is a very popular choice and we are sure Spanish will be too. We use a brand new scheme called Studio, which will enthuse your child. We have both foundation and higher books to enable all our students to work to the best of their abilities.

A Level French and Spanish

We are able to offer French and Spanish at A Level. During the Sixth Form years, we can organise work experience trips to France and Spain through our long standing contacts.


We are still in touch with many of the students who studied French. Their career choices include teacher, travel agent, investment banker, lawyer and doctor.

MFL Awards

The British Council has awarded the International School Award to the MFL Department at Thomas More, which recognises excellence in providing international opportunities for all pupils. In addition to this, our department has been awarded European Union funding from the Erasmus Plus programme. We can take up to 30 pupils to European exchanges for a subsidised cost.


We run two extracurricular clubs each week: a French and Spanish film club on Wednesday and a working lunch club on Wednesday lunchtime for year 9, 10 and 11 revision.

Department Members

  • Ms Tucay PGCE, BA (Hons), MA - Curriculum Leader, International Co-ordinator and French Teacher
  • Mrs Dako PGCE BA (Hons) PGCE, MAYA, Deputy Head Teacher, French Teacher
  • Mr. Champion, Spanish Teacher