Report Remove - Childline

Posted on: 25/06/2021

Unfortunately, in this day and age, young people post nude pictures of themselves, for many different reasons. Most of these images are shared with one person but that one person often shares the image with more people and then it is out there on social media sites and causes enormous distress. Childline working with BUPA have come up with a way for people to report their image, which they then can get removed from on-line sites.

I am sending this to all staff as this can be passed on far and wide and could help friends and family if they have this information. Please share this information with the students. I will try and get some posters printed that can be put up around school so students are aware.

Obviously the best way forward is to keep educating our students to not share it in the first place and our work here will be on-going but hopefully we can spread the word.

Report Remove | Remove a Nude Image Shared Online | Childline

Written by Mrs. M Larner