Flog it! - Issue 5

Posted on: 08/10/2020

National Dyslexia Week 2020Reading flogit

5th – 11th October

Your chance to help and celebrate people with dyslexia. What did you learn from the PowerPoint presentation you watched during tutor time?

How many staff did you spot wearing red on Thursday? Red was the chosen colour as adults, with lots of red markings across their books when children at school, often suffered with dyslexia. They suffered because teachers did not realise their problems with reading and writing was due to the fact they had dyslexia. They want to ‘reclaim’ the colour which they associated with negativity. Teachers are much more aware now so hopefully none of you are affected by red as a negative colour!

Remember: If you have dyslexia and you want to read a book for Fbypleasure, the FLC has a special collection just for you! Come and talk to Mrs Byers, your Librarian, and she will show you where they are. Look for the Wordwise section with the owl logo as shown. Each book is marked with the logo on their spine. 

Written by Mrs. F Byers