Good to be back!

Posted on: 18/09/2020

For many months, the school has stood at the top of the hill and been a very quiet school. It has been too quiet and even whilst I appreciate the sound of silence it needs to be the right type of quiet and for the right reason for me to enjoy it. Now that the pupils are back, we have the regular noises of school back.  We have the right kind of quiet whilst lessons are underway punctuated by the occasional call from the sports field or the tunes of musical instruments from the Music room, the odd bang  from Science and the theatrics from the Drama studio. Then we move to the changeover between lessons and the corridors fill with pupils moving to their next lessons and catching up with friends. The only difference here is that the corridors are now one way. 

It is not just the sounds. The sight of the pupils back in uniform, the sight of smiles and greetings, the sight of teachers sweeping in every morning ready to go! I could go on – the tastes of the canteen and so on but it is probably enough to say that all of our senses are fully alive as the school once again returns to the business of caring and learning and achieving.

It is very good to be back. Even though many of us were never really away the school is not the same without the pupils and the unique atmosphere of 800 people going about their business. Let’s hope we have a really good run now and that the school will never be so quiet for so long ever again. Have a very good term!

Mr. N. Walters

Written by Mr. N Walters