Flog IT! - Issue 4

Posted on: 16/09/2020

Welcome back to the renewed FLC!

Over the past few months, Mrs. Byers has been working hard to make the FLC easier to use since the dry rot repairs were completed. It is now available to use.

However, due to Covid-19 restrictions, a Bubble system is currently in operation. Bubble 1 is for Years 7 & 8, Bubble 2 is for Year 9 and Bubble 3 for Years 10 & 11. Each Bubble may access the library before school, at break, at lunch and after school until 4pm but only during the week they have been allocated. 6th formers may use the FLC Mon to Fri for quiet study during Blocks 2 & 3 only.

Please see chart below for dates you are allowed in.

Bubble 1 (7 & 8)

Bubble 2 (9)

Bubble 3 (10 & 11)

Tues 8th – Fri 11th Sept

Mon 14th – Fri 18th Sep

Mon 21st – Fri 25th Sep

Mon 28th S – Fri 2nd Oct

Mon 5th – Fri 9th Oct

Mon 12th – Fri 16th Oct

Mon 19th – Fri 23rd Oct

Mon 2nd – Fri 6th Nov

Mon 9th – Fri 13th Nov

Mon 16th – Fri 20th Nov

Mon 23rd – Fri 27th Nov

Mon 30th N – Fri 4th Dec

Mon 7th – Fri 11th Dec

Mon 14th – Fri 18th Dec

Mon 4th – Fri 8th Jan 21


The rest of the time you can get most of the services by e-mailing with your requests.

Thank you for your understanding. See you soon…

Mrs F Byers

FLC Librarian




Written by Mrs F. Byers
Written by Mrs. F Byers