Welcome back

Posted on: 14/09/2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Pupils,

Welcome back to another year and a special welcome to all the new students and families who are joining Thomas More for the first time.Despite the very many challenges we are facing, the staff and pupils have made a brilliant start to the new academic year.

We had the least issues with hair and uniform that we have ever had at the start of term so thank you to everyone for their efforts in supporting their child to get it right.It does make such a difference as we begin a new year.I have visited lessons across the last few days and it is like the pupils have never been away. Every class has had a clear sense of purpose and has showcased how well the students have come back to school and their desire to make up for lost time.Behaviour in class and also around the school has been impeccable so far and if these things are a sign of things to come we will be in for a fantastic year.

All the students have adapted well in school to the new systems and structures in place to minimise any risk.It is not easy but they are all engaging well and doing their bit in school.I appreciate the situation with the buses is not always perfect and sadly this is notentirely in my control. I have written to Croydon to ask for more buses in Purley to minimise crowding and we will see how that turns out. I must ask you to endeavour to get the children to school on time even if this means leaving the house earlier to catch an earlier bus. Most are doing very well indeed.

As with all systems we will be reviewing the Covid safe systems in school and monitoring closely any changes to the guidance.Apart from minor changes to Years 7, 8 and 9 in terms of where they are zoned before school, at break and at lunch we will be sticking with all we have done so far for now. Any minor changes will be explained clearly to the pupils and students and I will continue to keep you informed going forward.

We will be holding our Information Evenings next week.They will be recorded and posted on our website. In the interests of holding your attention, we are going to make sure that we only share the key information and everything said will be vital for the year going forward so please do watch and listen to them. We will text you when they are ready and up on the website. For those of you with younger children, I am still planning on having an Open Evening and we will put in place social measuring steps so please put the date of the 6thOctober in your diaries. Please also tell your friends and family about the excellent job we are doing at Thomas More and encourage them to attend. There will also be on online version of the Open Evening on the website.

Thank you again for helping us have a great start to this year.I look forward to seeing all of you as soon as possible when the country opens up fully again and I look forward to working with you and your children to ensure that they have a great year and make outstanding progress in theirlearning and as people.

Nathan Walters

Written by Mr. N Walters