FLog IT! - Issue 1

Posted on: 15/07/2020

Welcome to the first post of the FLC Blog. It is called FLog IT! The title is made up of the two words FLC and Blog, and we provide IT support as well as books. The word 'flog' has 2 meanings. One is a form of punishment and the other is to sell something. In this context do not worry -  corporal punishment is not being brought back into school! Rather, you will be 'sold' the news of the FLC. This will happen in weekly, posts appearing on a Monday when the FLC is to be closed due to Covid-19 safety measures.

Mrs. Byers has been working hard to get the books back on shelves following the repair works in the FLC. She came across the book pictured. It is the oldest book in the library. Coincidentally it is exactly 100 years old and is all about Saints - very apt for a Roman Catholic school! Also pictured is the entry for Thomas More. Interestingly the description says he had been beatified and they thought he deserved to be canonised. The book was published in 1920 - and Thomas More was indeed canonised 15 years later in 1935.

What do you think should be the newest book on our shelves?

E-mail Mrs. Byers with your ideas to If the FLC budget allows you may see a copy of your suggestion on our shelves in September!

Written by Mrs. F Byers

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