Looking Forward

Posted on: 03/07/2020

Of all the weeks in the school year, this is the one that involves the most looking forward. It is after all the week which has the New Year 7s’ Parents evening and on the Friday of this week, we should have been welcoming all of next year’s Year 7s into school for an induction day. It is also the week we hold an induction day for the new staff who will be joining us in September. Of course, in the current climate, none of these events are going ahead as normal. They are all going ahead though, but in slightly different and more online ways, and I particularly recommend you all to look at the video that we have produced with the New Year 7s in mind and you can find it on the school website under the Year 6 to 7 transition link.

It is appropriate then that the government chose to produce their guidance on schools reopening to all students in September this week. Documents leaked earlier this week seemed to suggest some outlandish and quite frankly, unworkable plans but by the time the Secretary of State for education spoke today, it was a more balanced and reasonable plan that we can work within the best interests of our pupils.

Please be reassured we shall do all in our power to keep everyone in our community safe but I am very pleased that we can look forward to schooling getting underway in September. Schooling and education are the most important things for our young people as we look forward to their futures and especially now in a country that will need young people of education and wisdom to help rebuild a country that has been rocked by recent events.

Too much looking forward is not always a good thing though and our Christian faith teaches us to live in the moment. That too is important and I hope you are enjoying good health, the sunshine and the gleeful anticipation of a summer holiday but we can now smile inwardly and know that we have many things to look forward to also.

All best wishes

Mr Walters

Written by Mr. N Walters