Feedback on the Canteen from Croydon Council

Posted on: 21/06/2019

“I was particularly impressed by the ‘look’ of the space and work done to make it look attractive, without taking on any complicated works, which is often tricky in schools.  The food service area looked excellent, from the variety of foods, to the colours and to the additional extras that make the service feel special, such as the additional toppings/dressings and decoration to counters.  Having tasted the food, I also thought it was delicious – every dish looked really good quality and it’s nice to see a secondary school serving such a good selection of main meals.  It’s nice to see that the grab and go station (which is also great) doesn’t dominate the meal service and pupils are still keen to have a hot, main meal too.

 It was also great to see the promotion of water - again something that secondary schools sometimes find tricky. The tap water and prominence of bottled water is great, as is the bottle recycling scheme.

 It’s clear that staff have worked very hard to transform the service and I hope you feel it is all now paying off.  I’m sure the changes will impact on pupil’s food choices, their knowledge around food, will raise the profile of the meal service and also impact on behaviour and interactions at lunchtime.”