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Women at the Top Conference

Posted on: 26/03/2018

Year 10 girls were given the opportunity to visit the House of Commons where they attended a ‘Women at the Top Conference’ led by Heidi Alexander MP for Lewisham East. Thomas More Girls joined Bonus Pastor Girls to listen to successful Women Speakers such as Jaky Wright: IT specialist for HMRC preparing the Government IT systems for Brexit, Perri Shakes-Drayton: Olympic Athlete, Georgia Arnold: Partner at International Law Firm DAC Beachcroft and Nia Pettit: 500k followers YouTuber. What most impressed our girls was the speakers' letters to their 15-Year-old selves, giving crucial advice they needed to hear. Truly awe-inspiring!

Thank you to all staff who accompanied the girls on this visit and to Mrs Holden for extending the invitation to include us.

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