Croydon & Bromley Magistrates Court Trial Competition

Posted on: 13/03/2018

On Friday, 2nd February, Mrs Emery took a group of year 8 students to Croydon Magistrates Court.  This was part of the preparation for the Mock Magistrates Court Trial competition.  It was a very interesting morning when we were shown the inside of two courtrooms; spent time with two Magistrates who explained the roles of all the Court personnel and where they sat.  They also explained what different attitudes defendants had and told some stories of things, which had happened in the past.  We then watched most of the trial from the public gallery.  Interestingly, we did not all agree on whether or not that person was guilty!  That shows how difficult it is to prove that somebody is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

After the preparation visit to Croydon’s Magistrates court, students then went to Bromley Magistrates Court for the competition, where they participated in the Mock Magistrate's Trial.  This year we won one case, and lost one, which is an improvement on last year.  The students really enjoyed the experience and we can be very proud of them - for their commitment to weekly planning on Fridays and for giving up their Saturday. The Lead Magistrates commended all students on the trip for excellent behaviour and participation.

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Jadyn Benneh
  • Jaheim McLean
  • Abdulai Barrie
  • Angel Ofori-Amanfo
  • Luna Maccioni
  • Eric Cisman
  • Antwaine Henry
  • Jessica Goodley
  • Muhammed Mamanji
  • Kreisson Mbala
  • Caitlin Florey-M
  • Sahana Ravishanker