Post 16 Exam Results 2019

A-Level and Level 3 BTEC Results Summer 2019

There were 54 students in this exam cohort.

  • 89% of all grades E+ or Distinction * - Pass BTEC
  • 40% of all grades C+ or Distinction *- Merit BTEC
  • 34% of all grades B+ or Distinction * - Merit BTEC

Summary of results

The exam hall was a very happy place on the results morning and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our students on achieving a very fine set of grades and in many cases, fulfilling their potential. Indeed, we would like to congratulate all members of our community in recognition of all the hard work and collaboration that has gone into helping students take the next step in their education. We are delighted that so many of our students have achieved their dreams and ambitions in achieving their university places.

There were 100% pass rates in Biology, History, Maths, Physics, and Spanish A Levels. The A Level A* - A result was particularly noteworthy in Chemistry (14%), Maths (33%), and Spanish (50%). Some subjects are celebrating their A*-C pass rate too – Biology (29%), Chemistry (43%), Maths (50%), Physics (33%), and Spanish (75%).

In the Level 3 BTECs too there is cause for celebration. In the highest Distinction Star and Distinction award the results were very strong in the following subjects:

Health And Social Care (20%), Information Technology (37.5%), Sport (50%). In the D* - Merit award we are celebrating in Applied Science (36%), Business (38.5%), Health and Social Care (80%), Information Technology (75%), and Sport (100%).

Students In a small sixth form of only 54 students the stand out performers on the A level only pathway were:

  • Akshay Biju AAB (and a Distinction in Information Technology BTEC);
  • Jathusa Kamalakumar ABB;
  • Solangue Quizhpe Burgan ABB.

There were also excellent results for students who selected Level 3 BTEC qualifications:

  • Andrade Gomes (2 Distinctions);
  • Ines Bernardo (2 Passes and a Merit);
  • Nana Oduro- Ayiwah (a Distinction, a Merit and a B in A Level Sociology);
  • Thomas Rodrigues (2 passes and a Merit);
  • Abishana Sabaratnam (2 Merits and a Pass).