Spiritual Life



Catholic Ethos 

Thomas More Catholic School’s Equal Opportunities Policy is based on the fundamental Christian principle that we are all equal in God’s eyes.

Our Anti-bullying policy states that we have zero tolerance towards anybody who causes distress through racism, sexism or any form of prejudice or discrimination. As an inclusive ‘catholic’ community, we are all-embracing, universal and holistic.

In the creed we say that we believe in ‘one catholic and apostolic church’ – in this sense, catholic means universal. We are an inclusive school – we welcome anyone who wants to learn no matter what the background is. We recognise that we are all at different stages of our faith journey.




We educate the whole person and we care for the whole person. We recognise that a student’s spiritual, physical and emotional well-being has an impact on their learning and we also recognise that learning should not stop at the classroom door – it is about being a citizen of the world, taking part in society, building healthy relationships withothers and being a well-rounded person. Our school motto reflects this – ‘To care, to learn, to achieve’.


By modelling forgiveness, kindness or patience, we teach others that those are good things to pursue for themselves. As Matthew’s Gospel says – we let our good works shine through so that others will give glory to our Father in heaven.


Our Catholic community is about outward signs and actions; prayer in tutor time, corporate acts of worship such as assemblies, the liturgical celebrations and the celebration of the sacraments.