Science at Thomas More

Science is an integral aspect of our everyday lives, more than in any previous time, science today influences what we eat, how much leisure time we enjoy, and how we communicate. Our aim at Thomas More is to ensure all our pupils are scientifically literate and can make well informed choices on the complex issues they will face, both in today and in the future. 

KS3 Science

Science is based on a spiral curriculum which means that students will study similarly themed topics in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. This will give them a strong foundation in preparation for their GCSEs as the topics studied in Key Stage 3 are revisited, consolidated and developed further.  There is a strong emphasis on knowledge acquisition, alongside a focus on skill development. These skills include critical thinking, planning, presentation, research and creative thinking.

KS4 Science

We currently offer two pathways at KS4:

Combined Double Science Award - Edexcel

This is the national standard which most pupils will follow. Pupils study a range of biology, chemistry and physics topics. Exams are sat in the summer term of Year 11. Pupils receive two GCSE grades which can differ depending on how students perform in the final examinations.

Separate Science Award - Edexcel

This is commonly referred to as triple science. This is an academic route that will challenge the most able pupils.  Pupils study all of the Combined award content but also additional topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. These topics are more advanced and are an excellent bridge between GCSE and A-level sciences. This route is advisable, though not compulsory, for those interested in pursuing a careers in science.