Religious Education

At Key Stage 3, we focus on students learning about religion and from religion.  We look at many interesting topics including The Environment, Thomas More, The Sacraments, The Holy Spirit, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam, Forgiveness, Relationships, Pilgrimage and Love.  A weekly lunch time club runs for students to talk over faith issues and pray together, as well as raise money for charity. We use "Philosophy for Children" to help students enquire into "big questions" and develop higher order thinking skills. All studies at Key Stage 3 have one lesson per week of philosophy.



Breathe Week

‘Breathe’ week has become an annual event - an opportunity for all students to experience a hands-on , creative way of praying.  The pictures here show some of the many prayer ‘stations’ students used.  Feedback from students is always exceptionally positive; some are moved, others find it an immensely enjoyable way to pray. 

Student Quotes: It was ‘like taking a journey through prayer with God.’

 ‘Every direction you went in there was something you could relate to God about’.

 ‘It made me think deeply about Jesus, life and others’.

 ‘It was a good time for you to reflect on your life and think things through’.

 ‘It was so relaxing it almost felt like I was at home’.

 ‘It was like painting out your heart, feelings and emotions’.



GCSE Course Content for Years 11 (Edexcel)

Mark's Gospel 50%


Discipleship, Conflict, Death and Resurrection, Who was Jesus?

Roman Catholic perspectives on life issues 50%

Life and Death issues, belief in God, Family life, Religion and Society.

Career Prospects/ Transferable Skills

Religious Education is a highly regarded academic subject which demonstrates valuable skills of analysis, evaluation, empathy and a real understanding of a wide range of people.

It teaches knowledge and skills relevant to most careers, especially those working with people in caring professions and the service industry.  For example, nurse, counsellor, police officer, youth worker, travel agent, doctor, teacher, child carer, solicitor, PA, politician and many more.

Year 10 are studying the new AQA Religious Studies B specification.  Students study for two exam papers.  All exams will be at the end of year 11.

Exam 1- Year 10 they study ‘Roman Catholic Christianity’

Exam 2- Year 11 they study Islam, and ethical issues such as War, Family life, Poverty and Human rights.


Year 10 topics include:

  • Creation
  • Incarnation
  • The Triune God
  • Redemption
  • The Church and the Kingdom of God
  • Eschatology


We begin year 10 by studying Michelangelo’s ‘Creation of Adam’ from the ceiling of the Sistene chapel.

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