Physical Education



Physical Education at Thomas More Catholic School


Physical Education has an important role in the life of a school where students have the opportunity to develop physically, socially and cognitively in a practically based environment. The PE department are a very dedicated team that aim to provide opportunities for all students to succeed and progress through an extensive range of curriculum and extra-curricular activities.

The resources and facilities available to the students enhance the experience of PE allowing full development of social, personal and communication skills throughout their years in the school.



Swimming is taught by the swimming pool manager Mr Skinner. Throughout KS3 all students will have a minimum of 8 weeks of swimming, where they will develop techniques and learn key skills for ‘Personal Survival’ and ‘Lifesaving’.

At KS4 students will have a further opportunity to swim, where they will be assessed for GCSE and Btec courses.


Extra-Curricular Programme

The PE department provides an array of activities that can be attended after school. Clubs are run for all ages, genders and levels of ability

Those who excel in particular sporting activities will be selected to represent the school (A full range of clubs and teams can be viewed in the enrichment section of this website).

Thomas More Catholic School is also the home of the Croydon Knights Volleyball Academy. Restarted in 2014 Thomas More has had huge success at both district and national level through its association with the sport. Winning the Boys U18 London Youth Games in 2012 and Winning the Girls U18 in 2011.


The Curriculum

The physical education curriculum aims to provide pathways for all student development.

At KS 3 all classes are single sex. Students will take part in a number of different practical and theoretical activities throughout the year. Each sporting activity runs for approximately 4 weeks which enables all learners to develop skills for a number of activities that they may wish to continue with at extra-curricular clubs or outside of school.

At the end of KS3 Students will be ‘assessed’ on a combination of their practical and theoretical knowledge, in PE, to determine which course they will progress on to.

All classes at KS4 are mixed. Physical Education is a Core foundation subject at Thomas More Catholic School. All students will study either the GCSE or Btec course

AT KS5 the PE department offer the Level 3 National Award. In order to access the KS5 curriculum students must achieve at least a C grade at GCSE or a Merit level at Btec Level 2.