All pupils take music at Key Stage Three. The curriculum is a balanced and varied study including world music, music from the European Classical tradition and music from popular styles.


Pupils engage in practical activities, singing, playing keyboards and percussion instruments. Performing, improvising, composing and listening and appraising are all included in line with the National curriculum for Music.


At Key Stage Four interested pupils can opt to study for Music GCSE. Up-take at the school has generally been well above the national average and results have been on average around the 70% mark for the last ten years.



Pupils perform at assemblies, achievement celebrations and for worship. There is an annual school show that includes music, a carol service and a party for senior citizens in the run-up to Christmas. Our steel pan group has performed at Westminster cathedral as part of the celebrations for the Year of Catholic Education, and regularly performs off-site. Our choir has regularly taken part in choir competitions.