Lifelong learning 11-18

Thomas More Catholic School welcomes into its Sixth Form students from its home school and other schools. We aim to foster a deepening awareness of the Christian faith, alongside an understanding and tolerance of all other people and a desire for opportunity and justice for all.


We strive to:


Provide academic and vocational courses of high quality in preparation for employment, professional training and further or higher education


Support, counsel and encourage through consultation student, tutor, subject staff and parent


Give careers guidance in keeping with the talents and aspirations of students and support this guidance by extending our already established and varied network of contacts


Offer opportunities for the development of social skills and skills in leadership, management and enterprise by working with, and for, the wider school community


Provide opportunity for the enjoyment of leisure including sport, music, and the creative and expressive arts


Our young people go onto to further study at University, the most recent destinations are:


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  • Mathematics at the Universities of Exeter and Birmingham
  • Electrical Engineering at the University of Surrey
  • Mechanical Engineering at the University of Brighton
  • Virology at the University of Glasgow
  • Aeronautical Engineering and also Mechanical Engineering at Queen Mary's
  • Accounting/Finance at Hertfordshire University
  • Sports Science at Loughborough
  • Geography at Aberystwyth