KS3 Geography

Geography at Key Stage 3 is intended to introduce students to this dynamic subject. The course during years 7, 8 & 9 is based around a variety of places, scales and issues and pupils are encouraged to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. The Geography Department believes strongly that students should show respect for their natural and human environment alongside enjoying learning and inquiring about their world. An enquiry approach towards their work is encouraged which provides opportunities for controversial issues to be discussed, and problems to be solved. All of these skills provide a good foundation for Geography  at GCSE and AS/A Level.




Geography at GCSE Level

Geography syllabus at GCSE level is

  • AQA Geography A for Year 10
  • Edexcel Geography B for Year 11

Year 10 Examination:
Paper 1: Living with the physical environment: 35% (1 hour 30)
Paper 2: Challenges in the human environment 35% (1 hour 30)
Paper 3: Geographical Applications 30% (1 hour 15) - Pre-release resources booklet made available 12 weeks before Paper 3 exam
Year 11 Examination:
Controlled Assessment: 25% (Internally Assessed)
Paper 1: Dynamic Planet: 25% (1 hour 15)
Paper 2: People and the Planet: 25% (1 hour 15)
Paper 3: Making Geographical Decisions: 25% (1 hour 30)