GCSE Results

Thomas More Catholic School’s English language results are at 79% A*-C and Literature at 70% (2016). Our pupils make excellent levels of progress with over half of all students exceeding their predicted grades by at least one grade. 


The English Department

The English Department offers an exciting curriculum.  Students study a range of appealing texts from a variety of genres, cultures and eras.  Studying English provides the opportunity to be creative and express your own opinions.  Lessons offer a combination of interactive activities, individual work, paired work and Drama.  The teachers are enthusiastic and committed to encouraging young people to achieve well.

Students study two GCSEs in English Language and English Literature.  These GCSEs provide an interesting and varied programme of study which allows students to study a range of fiction and non- fiction, Shakespeare, modern poetry, the way language is used in the media, as well as a range of novels and plays.

We have decided to follow Edexcel (Pearson) examination board for English language and Literature (steps 9-1)

Tracking and monitoring of pupil progress is an essential part of what we do in the English department. Students are given accurate feedback in many ways. Teachers ensure that students are involved in the close monitoring of their own levels or grades early in the year to ensure that they know how well they are doing and how they can improve.  This allows students and parents to be involved in their learning and achievement and provides students with the best chance to achieve their potential and beyond.

As a department, we are keen to ensure that all students receive the support they need to enable them to achieve to the best of their ability.  We provide focused support for students who require intervention through our Literacy programme, which assists students who need to develop their skills in reading.  We also run a variety of target groups for students who need to improve their reading and writing skills.  

The English Department is also committed to ensuring that students’ progress is not limited to their work in lessons.  In addition to the excellent curriculum provided for students during the school day, there is also a variety of clubs which students can benefit from as well as theatre trips and visits throughout the year.

The English Department seeks to provide a rich and varied education for all students and strives to provide them with the opportunity to achieve in every way.

Mrs Sharratt, Curriculum Leader for the English Department


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