Welcome to the Art Department.

The Art Department is a hub of creative excitement within the school. We thrive on the passion that our students have for the subject.

We have extremely high expectations from our students and we plan exciting lessons that are broken down into bitesize chunks ensuring success for everyone.
We are inclusive. We celebrate achievements made by our students with praise, trips and letters home. We value the students' ideas and have created many successful schemes of work through the ideas of our students.


In the Art Department, we learn about basic techniques in Year 7, to create the foundation of solid leaning. We cover portraits and animals.

In Year 8, we cover abstract painting and mask making. Students are shown how to paint using exciting colour theory. 3-D masks are also made using an obscene amount of cardboard, newspaper and glue!
In Year 9, we look at Pop-Art comics and identify, culmonating in large painted shields  amongst other exciting topics.
Our GCSE course is very exciting, as we research different artists and cultures from around the world and combine these with different production techniques. We have a very high pass rate of A*- C's, and many of our students choose to continue the subject into BTEC.
In the 6th Form, students are required to study privately along with lessons and mentoring sessions. We look at a broad range of portrait and figurative artists in Year 12 and contrasts between opposite subject areas and materials, as well as landscape artists in Year 13. Many of our students choose Art as a career path and continue their studies into Higher Education. We have fantastic links with Central St. Martins, Goldsmiths and Ravensbourne Art College.
Our department is thriving and passionate about art, fashion and culture. We love to inspire, and we inspire our students to love art.