Sociology is offered at Thomas More Catholic School as an A level. We use the AQA board and the course is assessed by three exams at the end of Year 13.

  • SOCIOLOGY is the study of society.
  • Sociologists investigate the structure of groups, social institutions (like the family, school, prisons, etc.) and how people interact within these settings.
  • It is a social science involving the study of the social lives of people, groups, and societies.
  • We also study our behaviour as social beings, covering everything from the analysis of short contacts between anonymous individuals on the street, to the study of global social processes and customs.

At Thomas More Catholic School you will study:

  • Crime and deviance
  • Theory and methods
  • The Family
  • Education
  • Beliefs in Society

The course is open to anyone who has at least a step five in English and a passion for reading, writing and current affairs.

We offer a number of enrichment opportunities, including the chance to meet leading Sociologists and debate key topics with other students from across London at Goldsmiths University.

For more information please see Mr Govinden.